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Cancelation Policy

If you subscribed to our subscription offer and want to cancel, its easy and there are no hard feelings.

We know it can be frustrating trying to cancel subscriptions at times and don't want you to feel like that when shopping at Next Lashes.

To Cancel Your Subscription:

Send us an email at with the subject of the email as "Subscription Cancelation"

In the email body please include your full name, shipping address and order number so we can quickly verify who you are without needing to go back and forth (we want to save you time in case cancelation is urgent).

As soon as you submit the email with the request for cancelation that is when we consider your cancelation to be set in place - and we promise to honor this.

What this means is that if you requested to cancel but our team didn't get to it until the next day, and that day was when your product was shipped out, we will still cancel your subscription, give you a refund if necessary for that month's charge, AND we will let you keep the product.

Subscription services are supposed to be fun and exciting.. not difficult and confusing to navigate through - so we wanted to make sure our subscription plan just that!

If you need ANY assistance of any kind reach out to our customer service team at and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours max.