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Next Lashes™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit

Next Lashes™ - Professional Lash Lifting Kit

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Imagine waking up to perfectly curled lashes everyday without the need to constantly maintain them. This Lift Kit using silicon pads to perm your lashes instead of a traditional roller. They're easier to work with and make less of a mess.

Our Professional Lash Lift Kit is everything you need to ALWAYS have beautiful curled lashes without needing a curler, eye lash extensions, or mascara.

  • PROFESSIONAL EYELASH PERMING KIT. Perfect for people who love having that extra curl and fuller appearance with their natural lashes.
  • LONG LASTING RESULTS. Made with premium, high quality ingredients, your lashes will stay curled for weeks appear significantly more full. 
  • #1 EYELASH LIFTING KIT. This kit has more value than the ANY others on the market. Each application last weeks, and each kit can be used 15-20 times!

How It Works (Full Instructions On Back of Box):

The Perm Lotion is curling agent that allows the eyelash to curl Naturally beautiful.

Setting Lotion allows the lash to keep its curl for 3 months approximately (the life of a natural lash).

Silicone Lift Pads x 5 (medium and large) provides an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes. All is very easy to use.

The Glue is specially formulated for use with the silicone pads. A mild gentle scent and low irritation that does not produce those annoying hard to remove white flakes.

Additional Information

Suitable For Professional:
- New Technique Eyelash Perming Kit. No need for curlers. Contains
- Resealable Perm Lotion
- Resealable Setting Lotion 
- Resealable Nourishing Agent
- Silicone Pads. 10 x Medium and 10 x Large. 
- Releasable Glue for Silicone Pads.

Full detailed instructions on the back of the box.
Store in cool environment, out of sun light to preserve the glue. 
Immediately re-seal all containers before applying the solutions.


CAUTION when using this product and its solutions close to the eyes. Can cause damage if used incorrectly. If it gets into eyes flush with cool water for 5 minutes or until gone. If problem persist go to a professional. Next Lashes is not responsible for misuse or damage caused by this product or any products on our site.

Next Lashes features copyright designs in packaging and formulation. This includes: our packaging (box design), all images specifically on this page, and our product. Any misuse or copyright infringement will be pursued to the fullest degree. 

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Daniela S.

I love this product so much! I hate using a lash curler now and if definitely doesn't even have half the effect. Just some tips for first times users. 1. MAKE SURE YOU LASHES ARE STRAIGHT. Even after the lash glue dries a little. If you mess up and it already dried so much that it's painful, add some to the section of lashes you want to fix. It will come off right away. 2. Wait for the lash glue to dry a little before sticking your lashes to it. It just makes it easier to hold in place. Don't worry if your lashes fall, either wait for it to dry or add more glue. 3. When putting on the lift tool, it's not going to hold by itself. Put some lash glue on it and let it dry for a little before putting it on your eye. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfectly aligned with your eye. 4. And never NEVER cut the lash lift tool. Even if your eye is a little smaller than most. Don't risk cutting to much. 5. When putting on the white perm or the blue fixer, your lashes will start to fall off. It's okay, just start to hold them up with the tool that is provided. When you first put on the perm, make sure to put enough that there is a good layer of white or blue, enough that you don't see majority of your lashes. 6. There are different sizes for the lash lifters. What I would recommend is that if you have short lashes, use small. If you have average lashes, use M1 or M2. For long lashes, use large. 7. Most of the time, after getting things like that professionally, you don't wash your face after if for 6 hours. I haven't personally tried it so I'm not sure if it affects it. 8. I leave the perm and fixation for longer than it says on the box. For perm, it is to leave it on for 12 minutes, I leave it on for 20-30 minutes. For fixation, it also says 12 minutes, I leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Than nutrition and clean it off right after that. Those are just the things I learned after using it a couple of times, I hold this helps you on your first times. Remember, things don't always work out right away. Don't be upset if it doesnt work out the first time.

Krislie R.

I’ve been getting my lashes permed since I was 14.. my lashes are long but really straight and using curlers hurt and my lashes don’t stay curled.. with this product I do my daughters and my own! Love love this product

Solange T.

I have had my lashes permed by beauticians several times in the past and was nervous to do it myself. When I bought the kit I was a little unsure because the price was extremely reasonable and the reviews seemed too good to be true. However, I am very impressed with my results. I would highly recommend this product and encourage users to follow the YouTube videos instructions.

Jacqueline S.

It's hard getting your lashes stuck to the silicone pad. And to get the pad to stick to your eyelid. I trimmed my pads to fit my eyes better so it would stop coming off. Once you get them stuck though, it is a cake walk! The perm and solution and everything really works! Before and after and with and without mascara pics... I used cheap eye makeup brushes to help apply the product also. ALSO it DOES NOT come with black tint like the video shows! I'm tinting mine with a separate demi-permanenet dye I bought!


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